Situated at 602m above sea level, built by artists and uniquely situated between Monte San Salvatore and Monte Arbostora (822m) stands a 1000 year old village. The town hosts approximately 600 inhabitants which doubles during the summer months. Endless possibilities present themselves to enrich your vacation to your heart’s content. The following guide as well as comprehensive brochures on hand best inform one about the history and culture of this picturesque village.



Carona possesses the rich diversity of five beautiful religious buildings. These visual treasures are described in the specific guide which can be a found everywhere in Carona.

San Giorgio parish church

Built in the 16th century with a baroque tower added in the 18th century. The choir gallery has a fresco by Domenico Pezzi.

Madonna d'Ongero

Built in the 17th century it features stucco works from A. Casella 1646-1648, and frescos from Antonio Petrini 1750.

Santa Marta Monastery

Built in the Middle Ages, and decorated with frescos from 1486.

Santa Maria di Torello Convent

Built by Comer Bishop Guglielmo della Torre in 1217 but is today a privately owned property. Built in the Romantic style featuring frescos from the 13th century.

Madonna delle Grazie (Ciona) chapel

The chapel hails from the 18th century 



"SAN GRATO" Botanical Garden

Once viewed this 30'000 m2 of unique beauty, covered in azaleas, will find you returning to gently stroll and rediscover the rich diversity of it’s plant life.



For the nature lover and sports enthusiast 

- Hiking trails in a beautiful chesnut forest

- Substantial jogging paths for the fitness fanatic

- A large public swimming pool

- Two brand new tennis courts with a gorgeous view

- A modern soccer field

…and a great mountain bike trail to ride and enjoy

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